Freelance Tools

Free tools for online content writing:

Writing Apps for scribbling ideas on your tablet or phone when you’re on the go:

Idea Generator

Free tools to help you generate topics and ideas for your blog:

Grammar Checker

Use these tools to check typos, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Install the Chrome extension or Microsoft Office addons:


Use these tools to spot cliches, improve readability and polish your writing:


Verify your article’s originality with these free and premium plagiarism checkers:


A few tools to help you generate punchy headlines, capitalize them correctly, and analyze the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

Capitalize your headline with:

Analyze your headline’s EMV score:

Generate punchy headlines:

Copyright Free Images

Access free, high-quality stock photos for your blog or website:

Writer’s Portfolio

Free websites for creating and publishing your writing portfolio:

Writer’s Website

Affordable and secure web hosting and domain registration services for your website:

Graphic Design

To create designs such as logos, posters, presentations, cards or infographics:

Payment Gateway

Receive and transfer your money online securely with these apps.

Best for international payments that you can transfer to your local bank or MPESA account:

Communication Tools

Connect with your clients with video calls with these free and secure Apps.

Best for hosting business meetings, virtual events and webinars:

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with your team and clients using these free tools (Premium options available):

  • Slack for group messaging
  • DropBox for virtual file sharing (e.g. docs, videos, photos)
  • Google Drive for cloud storage and sharing

Project Management Tools

Use these tools to plan, organize and manage projects and tasks with your team: