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Read through this entire page before pitching to avoid your guest post request being rejected. These guidelines exist for your benefit as much as ours.

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog for us. We’re glad you’re here.

Here at newbiefreelancewriter[.]com, we believe in providing a platform for established freelance writers interested in sharing their personal freelancing stories, knowledge, and expertise with our audience of aspiring and beginner freelance writers.

In general, posts we accept from guest contributors fall under the following categories:

  • Writing tips. Tips that will help our readers become more effective writers.
  • Client acquisition strategies. Strategies that will help our readers market their services effectively and get better paying clients.
  • Upwork tutorials. Foolproof tips and tricks that will help our readers set themselves up for success on Upwork.
  • SEO. On-page SEO strategies that will help our readers create content that is well optimized for higher search engine rankings.
  • Freelance writing tools. Step-by-step tutorials that will help our readers get the most out of popular freelance writing tools. Or a comprehensive comparison between different freelance writing tools.
  • Productivity tips. Tips and tricks that will help our readers be more productive in their work and genius ways to deal with burnout and writer’s block.
  • General freelancing tips. Our readers are interested in practical tips and actionable strategies that they can put into practice and get desired results.
  • Personal freelance writing stories. Feel free to share your success story or mistakes made and lessons learnt.
  • Freelancing FAQs. We’d be interested in featuring your unique perspective to some of the commonly asked freelancing questions such as “How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge Per Word (Hour)?” or “What are the Essential Skills Every Freelance Writer Must Have?

Not sure if your guest post idea falls under any of these categories? Not to worry.

Share your topic idea with our editor via editor[@]newbiefreelancewriter[.]com (without the parentheses).

General Guidelines

  • Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before. Your topic ideas should be something we haven’t covered before.
  • We love actionable posts.This means lots of step-by-step instruction that readers can actually put into practice.
  • No pre-written posts. We want fresh content written with our audience in mind.

These are the most important things you need to know.

Our Editorial Guidelines

The guiding light behind our blog is to share content that’s in-depth, relevant, educational, engaging, and entertaining:

  • Posts should be 1,500+ words in length. We find this is a sweet spot with our readership, and you’ll fit in with the rest of our blog this way. Longer is good, too.
  • Break up your content, so it’s easy to read. This means including headings, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual elements to increase the readability of your piece.
  • Write in a natural, conversational tone. We want to share content that is authoritative, but not robotic. We’re producing blog content — not academic reviews, so don’t shy away from showing off your personality.
  • All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We do not accept duplicate or syndicated content as guest posts. If your post has appeared anywhere else on the web, we can’t publish it on our blog. If you quote other content, attribute it.
  • Always name your sources. If you’re going to drop some stats, link back to the original source.
  • Talk about your real-world experience. Talk about mistakes you’ve made, plans you’ve built, and strategies you’ve executed. Draw on your own personal experience to speak authoritatively about what you know.

Other Things to Include in Your Guest Post:

  • Statistics. Always include verifiable first or third party research, statistics, and data in your post.
  • Outbound Links. Make sure these links are to authoritative sites.
  • Internal Links: Make sure you’ve linked to at least two of our existing blog posts.
  • Lists and Bullets. Most people skim articles until they find the value. Bullet points make this easy.
  • Actionable Takeaways. Recap the takeaways of your article at the end of your post.

Formatting Guidelines

We don’t have a detailed style guide we require you to follow.

However, we do have a handful of basic formatting requests that will make your post easier to read:

  • Write your post with Google Docs. This is the easiest way for us to convert your content into a WordPress post.
  • Stick to H2 and H3 subheader levels. This helps keep formatting clear and simple.
  • Properly attribute all images.
  • Please include only images that are copyright-free.
  • We love including custom made graphics in our blog posts. If you you’re a Canva guru we would like to feature your unique designs within our content.
  • Follow general best practices for web writing. Concise sentences and brief paragraphs work best.

How Can I Submit a Pitch?

Email our editor at editor[@]newbiefreelancewriter[.]com (without the parentheses) with your topic and title.

DON’T start writing your piece until you’ve received the green light from the editor.